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British Museum director Hartwig Fischer seems to have dashed the hopes of Greeks hoping to reclaim their cultural patrimony in a recent interview. Speaking with Greek newspaper Ta Nea, Fischer claimed that the famously disputed Parthenon friezes, also known as the Elgin Marbles, had been transformed by the British possession of these works: “When you move cultural heritage into a museum, you move it out of context. Yet that displacement is also a creative act,” he said.
Air Ink is a brand of ink and ink-based art products made from industrial air pollution. Corrie and Nat sit down with the company's founder, Anirudh Sharma, and discuss what this product could mean for environmentalism and the future of art making.
What looks to be an antique medicine chest stuffed with sticks and seeds is, it turns out, an object that bridges the divide between science and religion. Many Victorians wanted to stick to their Christian faith, even as Mary Anning unearthed damning fossils and Charles Darwin published his theory of natural selection, so they hedged their bets, as it were, becoming amateur naturalists—quaintly pasting seaweed and flowers into albums—while remaining loyal to their Sunday School stories.

Opening night of the 24th Annual L.A. Art Show was hosted by actor Kate Beckinsale last Wednesday, with “Bush” rocker Gavin Rossdale serving as Art Ambassador. Together they welcomed 120 galleries from 18 countries to the Los Angeles Convention Center, Jan. 23-27. 

Robert Mapplethorpe (1946–1989), the now iconic photographer, was both critically celebrated and controversial. Implicit Tensions: Mapplethorpe Now, a yearlong exhibition celebrating this groundbreaking artist, opens at the Guggenheim Museum January 25th.
Considered by many to be the father of modern high fantasy, John Ronald Reuel Tolkien (1892–1973), one of the world’s most beloved writers, introduced millions to the hobbits, elves, heroes and dragons of Middle-earth through his popular literary works, beginning with The Hobbit. Opening in New York January 25 at the Morgan Library & Museum, Tolkien: Maker of Middle-earth is the largest collection of Tolkien material ever assembled in the United States.
Part two of the inaugural episode of the ArtCurious Podcast explores the world's most famous work of art: Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa. It is iconic, incredible, and unforgettable-- but is the work on view in Paris's Louvre Museum today the real deal?
Graciela Iturbide, one of the most prolific and insightful documenters of life and culture in Mexico is sharing her vision of a complex nation at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston (MFA Boston). Graciela Iturbide’s Mexico features nearly 140 photographs and is the first major East Coast presentation of the artist’s work.
Katie Paige, FOG Steering Committee member and San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) Trustee, has been involved with FOG since its beginning. Paige talks about her mutual passions for social reform and art, what drew her to become involved in FOG and what she’s most excited about at this year’s fair.
An art dealer in the Hague recently made a once in a lifetime discovery—an original work by the master of Flemish Baroque Peter Paul Rubens.