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Today at auction, Swann offers the opportunity to own iconic and historic works, some at bargain prices. In a wide-ranging auction of nearly 500 lots, there are vintage posters from around the world and across genres.
Berlin-based designer Shigeki Yamamoto makes furniture for adults who don't want to be too far removed from the joys of childhood.

Writer/director Dan Gilroy shows the ugly side of the art world and mocks it in his recently released film Velvet Buzzsaw, now streaming on Netflix. Part camp, part gore, and part biting satire, Velvet Buzzsaw is many things at once, and never a bore.

Two Pulitzer Prize-winning authors published a book titled Van Gogh: The Life that stunned the art world. Therein, Gregory White Smith and Stephen Naifeh state that the artist didn't actually commit suicide.
By ripping through his canvases, Lucio Fontana changed what a painting could be, and the course of art history. His groundbreaking slashed paintings, called Cuts (Tagli) embodied Spatialism, Fontana’s art movement that was meant to create a new kind of art synthesizing color, sound, space, and movement. Before his Spatialist manifestos and slashed paintings, Fontana was a sculptor, and the Met Breuer is exploring the Argentine-Italian artist’s early work in a new retrospective, Lucio Fontana: On the Threshold. 
Acclaimed emerging contemporary artist Jordan Casteel has her first major museum exhibition at the Denver Art Museum (DAM), opening February 2nd. Jordan Casteel: Returning the Gaze showcases approximately thirty works by the Denver-born artist, now based in Harlem, New York.
British Museum director Hartwig Fischer seems to have dashed the hopes of Greeks hoping to reclaim their cultural patrimony in a recent interview. Speaking with Greek newspaper Ta Nea, Fischer claimed that the famously disputed Parthenon friezes, also known as the Elgin Marbles, had been transformed by the British possession of these works: “When you move cultural heritage into a museum, you move it out of context. Yet that displacement is also a creative act,” he said.
Air Ink is a brand of ink and ink-based art products made from industrial air pollution. Corrie and Nat sit down with the company's founder, Anirudh Sharma, and discuss what this product could mean for environmentalism and the future of art making.
What looks to be an antique medicine chest stuffed with sticks and seeds is, it turns out, an object that bridges the divide between science and religion. Many Victorians wanted to stick to their Christian faith, even as Mary Anning unearthed damning fossils and Charles Darwin published his theory of natural selection, so they hedged their bets, as it were, becoming amateur naturalists—quaintly pasting seaweed and flowers into albums—while remaining loyal to their Sunday School stories.

Opening night of the 24th Annual L.A. Art Show was hosted by actor Kate Beckinsale last Wednesday, with “Bush” rocker Gavin Rossdale serving as Art Ambassador. Together they welcomed 120 galleries from 18 countries to the Los Angeles Convention Center, Jan. 23-27.