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This month the National Gallery of Art (NGA) in Washington, DC, presents a comprehensive study of one of the greatest painters of the 16th century. Jacopo Tintoretto (c. 1519–1594) was one of the most prominent painters of Venice during his lifetime.
The Art History Babes are joined by the curator of Diverse Art LA, Marisa Caichiolo and contemporary artist, Andrés Paredes to discuss the Diverse Art LA program, interactive immersive art experiences, and the challenges of creating a temporary art installation.
As one would expect, the semi-annual Oak Interior auction at Bonhams London is chockful of sturdy chairs and clunky chests. There’s also plenty of antique iron, brass, pewter, stone, and copper–if you happen to be furnishing a castle, this is the sale for you–but the lot with the most presence is this rough-hewn English oak jail door dating from the 1630s (or earlier) and showing “fascinating and macabre prisoner graffiti,” according to the auctioneer.

Self-portraits fulfill two purposes: not only do they give insight into the art of one particular time period, but they also shed light onto the self-perception of the artist. A new exhibition at the Neue Galerie in New York, The Self-Portrait: From Schiele to Beckmann, showcases how the genre lent itself to a wide variety of interpretations and artistic freedoms between Germany and Austria from 1900 to 1945. Quite expectedly, given the cultural and historical upheaval that consumed these two countries in that time period, variations on that theme abound.

This week the National Portrait Gallery in London made an unusual announcement in the art world. The museum and the Sackler Trust, the philanthropic organization of the Sackler family, who founded Perdue Pharma, would not be going forward with a planned donation.
La Maison Européenne de la Photographie (MEP) celebrates the artistic journey of Ren Hang (1987-2017), one of the most influential Chinese photographers of his generation. The exhibition Love, Ren Hang is a luscious, melancholic, and provocative journey through bold colors, animals, naked bodies, and nocturnal shots.
Corrie and Nat are live at the LA Art show with the show’s director, Kim Martindale to discuss art collecting in the age of social media, the LA art scene, and the history and development of the LA Art Show. Join us for the first ever live Art History Babes podcast!
Pioneering photographer Oscar Gustaf Rejlander wrote, “It is the mind of the artist, and not the nature of his materials, which makes his production a work of art.”
Pablo Picasso, arguably the most recognized name in 20th-century art, is also one of the most frenetically prolific, and well documented. There are tens of thousands of books, magazine and newspaper articles, academic publishings and encyclopedia mentions that include Picasso. In addition to these, there are at least nine films about him, which seems slim given how wildly cinematic Picasso’s life and loves were.
Art & Object recently had the opportunity to chat with Richard Moore, the President of the Association of International Photography Art Dealers (AIPAD). We spoke to him about his career, the state of photography, and AIPAD's 2019 edition of The Photography Show.