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Discover the world's most popular museums in 2023, take a peek at sales at Art Basel Hong Kong, read about the opening of Aluminaire House in Palm Springs and more news of the week.
On the occasion of the release of Audrey Flack's riveting memoir, With Darkness Came Stars, and her solo exhibition at Hollis Taggart, Art & Object sat down with the artist for a conversation.
Richard Serra, who was known for his monumental steel structures that challenged conventional notions of form and materiality, died on March 26.
The Guardian has published two reports raising questions about the authenticity and dating of four of Damien Hirst’s iconic formaldehyde sculptures.
Jamian Juliano-Villani's exhibition, 'It,' at Gagosian doesn't give easy answers, but gets us thinking.
Through the years, Betye Saar has used Los Angeles as her mystic’s salvage yard. The assemblage artist has taken everyday objects— remnants of tin panels, wicker baskets, shards of pottery, empty frames, repurposed photography—and paired them with recognizable figures of visual culture to create new narratives.
In the age of daily affirmations and online self-betterment, Nora Turato is breaking herself down. On view at Sprüth Magers in Los Angeles, it's not true!!!
Over the weekend, a mural appeared on the side of a residential building in Islington in North London. After speculation surrounding who the artist was blew up on social media, Banksy claimed the work as his own by posting images on Instagram.
Every two years, the Whitney Museum asks the question, “What does America look like and feel like to artists right now?”
Last week, the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) raided over thirty artist homes and studios across the country. The raids came on the heels of the Russian presidential election that concluded this weekend with Vladimir Putin claiming another term in office.
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