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A portrait, originally thought to be lost, painted by Austrian symbolist Gustav Klimt has just sold at Im Kinsky, a Vienna auction house.
Art has been used as an outlet for the expression of emotions for centuries, though it wasn’t until the 1940s that it was specifically deemed a form of therapy in the United States and Europe. The term “art therapy” was originally coined by British artist Adrian Hill and is now formally recognized by the Oxford Dictionary
The 60th iteration of the Venice Biennale kicked off this past Saturday, and with that, 331 participating artists unveiled their interpretations of this years’ theme, Foreigners Everywhere. The national pavilions, in combination with the central exhibition and additional collateral events, brought in a total of 800,000 visitors to the Italian city last year, so a steady stream of tourists is expected until the fair’s close in late N
With a robust food culture and deep, rich history, Italy is the fifth most touristic country in the world, bringing in about 50 million visitors per year. Vacationing there in peak seasons, however, can often feel more like an exercise in patience and crowd-navigation than an opportunity for relaxation and cultural immersion.
The 60th edition of the International Art Exhibition, titled “Foreigners Everywhere,” is a testament to how artists have always traveled and moved about under various circumstances. Curated by Adriano Pedrosa, artistic director of the São Paulo Museum of Art, the exhibition features 331 artists and collectives living in and between 80 countries. “Foreigners Everywhere” opened to the public on April 20 and runs through November 24, 2024.
As spring turns to summer, the art world gears up for a season of exceptional auctions that promise to captivate collectors and art enthusiasts alike.
Whether it be through the image of a mouth or the emotional resonance of color, British visual artist, Rachel Jones, wades into symbolism with her latest body of work.
Wherever you go in the United States of America, you aren't very far away from art. From intimate galleries to massive world-class collections, art museums worth visiting can be found across the country. In this special roundup, we are highlighting the best art museums in every state, plus the District of Columbia.
With Earth Day approaching, it feels appropriate to bring the concept of environmental art back to the forefront of conversation. Environmental art, also referred to as land art, Earth art, and Earthworks, surged in the early 1960s as an outlet for artists to bring a heightened sense of awareness to the impact humans have on the environment.
Often referred to as “the grandmother of performance art,” Marina Abramović, born in 1946, has spent her career taking risks to plumb the depths of the human psyche. A celebrated and controversial performance artist since the 1970s, Abramović brought this experimental art form into the mainstream with shockingly thought-provoking gallery shows, installations, and videos.
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