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On Saturday, May 25th, 2024, Sanford L. Smith, known to friends as Sandy, passed away at age 84. From childhood, Smith had a keen eye for collectibles—accumulating baseball cards and comic books while living with his family in New York. As he grew older and later married, Smith’s home collections turned to antiques: toy soldiers, weather vanes, and 19th-century Austrian bronze figurines.
Around 600 antiquities, valued at an estimated $80 million, have been returned to Italy from the United States. The assortment of artifacts made their way into U.S. museums, galleries, and private collections through illicit excavations and looting. 
A portrait by the figurative, Irish-born artist Francis Bacon has been recovered by the Spanish police in Madrid.
Filipino-American artist Paul Pfeiffer has been asking audiences to question their relationship with cultural spectacles since the 1990s. In his first major U.S.
The 2024 Paris Summer Olympics run from July 26th through August 11th and feature over 10,000 athletes across 32 sports and 47 disciplines. Although tickets can be purchased from the official site for as low as $26, they sell out fast and can also reach peak prices upwards of $3,000. 
Last Monday saw the return of The Portal, a large live-streaming video installation that connects New York City to Dublin.
While audiences have always loved a good biopic, finding the stories of artists and other changemakers particularly fascinating, gender bias has often led female creators to be downplayed as lovers, muses, or props to talented men.
Despite the market’s slight lull in comparison to the last few years, Christie’s, Sotheby's, and Phillips had their annual May marquee sales and ended up, for the most part, within their estimated
A “must see” during any visit to Boston, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum showcases amazing masterworks from all over the world.
Britain’s Charles III has unveiled his first official portrait since he was crowned king a little over a year ago.
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