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Together, these three auctions will present buyers with a rare and wonderful opportunity to acquire paintings and sculpture by many of the leading artists in these collecting fields.
Ironically, the most iconic portrait of the president was never completed.
The July 2021 Focus for Reframed is American Heat

In the original 1957 lyrics to the song “America” from the Broadway musical West Side Story, Puerto Rican immigrants dance across a rooftop in the stifling heat of smog-filled Manhattan. “Immigrant goes to America, many ‘hellos’ in America, nobody knows in America,” the women sing.

Italy’s Project ShareArt will collect data on the “attraction value” of particular artworks and enforce COVID-19 guidelines through a combination of artificial intelligence, big data applications, and cameras pointed at guests.
Chromotherapy brings together works in various media by nine artists: Ai Weiwei, John Chiara, Kota Ezawa, Angelo Filomeno, Andy Goldsworthy, Mike Henderson, Won Ju Lim, Meghann Riepenhoff, and David Simpson.
Originally trained as a painter in Japan and captured by the California Clay Movement of the early 1960s, Kaneko has for decades explored the interpenetration of form and space in his sculptures.
The artists’ work represents an authentic depiction of a region that is widely underrepresented and misrepresented. The eruption of social media in recent years is broadcasting their work to the world.
Retro Africa Gallery makes its U.S. debut with a group exhibition of new works by Nigerian-American artist and writer Victor Ehikhamenor, Congolese painter Chéri Samba and African-American artist Nate Lewis.
The exhibition presents the works of more than 120 women photographers from 20 different countries and highlights the advancements made by women behind the camera between the 1920s and the 1950s.
The collection was amassed by David Winston, who holds a Royal Warrant as Restorer and Conservator of Pianos to the Queen of England. It is comprised of twenty-six unique instruments dating from the eighteenth century to present day.