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Seated Nude Woman Seated Nude Woman
Seated Nude Woman
Artist: Unknown
Price: $1,380.00
Medium: Drawing
Ship From New Orleans, LA
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Creation Date: 1972
Materials: Color Pencil, Graphite
Dimensions: 34" x 33" x 1"
Finish: Unframed
About the Item:

(Sorry for the reflections on the glass.) When I first saw this graphite-on-paper drawing I assumed it was a print of a Larry Rivers drawing (early Pop Artist and one of the great draftsmen of the time). It turned out to be an original by someone else whose signature we cannot discern. Sad, because I would love to see more work by this artist, and one always fears selling a work by a prominent artist without knowing it. At any rate, there are few who can lay down lines like this. Formal and convincing, and modern and classical at the same time. I love the sparing addition of color in the bars to the left. Expensively framed in a faux-metal wood frame. 34" x 33" framed. Image size is 23" x 22".

Authenticity Guaranteed
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