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The work, which depicts a girl shooting a slingshot of flowers, was vandalized less than 48 hours after being revealed.
For more than four decades, photographer Dawoud Bey has documented life in America through his poignant images of marginalized communities.
The first major survey of Whitten’s works on paper, this landmark exhibition explores the evolution of the artist's drawing process through seventy-six works on paper from the 1960s to the late 2010s.
The first Art History Babe Brief of 2020 focuses on the work of Mariko Mori, including her famous 90s works titled Nirvana and Pure Land.
The French architect and draftsman Jean‐Jacques Lequeu was little-known and impoverished when he donated hundreds of his drawings to the French national library. Six months later, he died and obscurity lingered over his designs for fantastic, unbuilt architecture.
This week, visitors to the Vatican in Rome have the rare opportunity to see some of Raphael's greatest and most delicate works: the tapestries he designed for the Sistine Chapel.
Here are 10 artists whose work transcends a momentary Valentine’s Day infatuation to become celebrated odes to love.
One of the greatest thefts in art history is set to grace the big screen soon.
One of the most prolific and talented American potters of the 19th Century defied expectations to leave his mark on history.
“I have never been in a city that gave me the same sense of freedom as Venice,” Peggy Guggenheim wrote, “Venice is not only the city of freedom and fantasy but it is the city of pleasure and happiness.”