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An award-winning photographer with decades of experience, Maggie Steber does not spare herself when examining her career.
Inclusivity and diversity are the bywords at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston as it prepares a slate of exhibitions and events throughout 2020 to commemorate 150 years as a public museum.
Conservators at Northumbria University in the UK recently found a surprise lurking beneath the surface of a 16th-century painting.
A collection of extraordinary drawings spanning 700 years is coming to the Art Institute of Chicago in January.

The large Baroque painting of the baby Moses being found amongst the reeds has hung in the National Gallery, London for nearly twenty years. Unmissable at nearly ten feet wide with figures clad in vibrantly hued robes, with dramatic lighting and subject matter, the painting has been an attraction that many assumed was part of the museum’s collection.

Usually, this many bugs in an art museum would result in an urgent call to the exterminator. But when Canadian artist Jennifer Angus is in town, an infestation becomes a thing of incredible beauty.
The Art History Babes are hanging with dear friend and art historian Derek Zhang to talk the history and mystery of Chinese calligraphy!
The current exhibition at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh, Scotland’s Photograph Album: The MacKinnon Collection, showcases the infinite, multiform beauty of Scotland, its people and traditions.
Art collector Mera Rubell insists her family didn’t set out to open a museum when it bought a series of food warehouses in Miami’s Allapattah neighborhood four years ago.
Archeologist's recent discovery of ancient cave paintings may change everything we know about human’s relationship to art.