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Jeff Koons discusses how Marcel Duchamp liberates artists from materiality, allowing them to pursue pure ideas.

From the plastic flute of sparkling wine guests are offered as soon as they enter the fair, to the bubbly energy coming from viewers and the club music pumping from some of the booths, you know you are not at Independent any longer. 

Together with ever-exciting and stimulating artworks, the “who’s who” of the art world were on view at the VIP preview of the most cherished and revered of New York art fairs, Independent.
SPRING/BREAK is the youngest, funnest, more affordable and most claustrophobic of the Armory Week fairs.

On a sunny spring-like day, amid growing concerns over the spread of COVID-19 and resulting omnipresence of hand sanitizer pump bottles, The Armory Show successfully kicked off The Armory Week, the annual cluster of New York art fairs running from March 4–9. Known to many as the “essential New York art fair,” The Armory Show returns to Manhattan’s Piers 90 and 94 on March 5, featuring 183 galleries from 32 countries as well as 33 first-time exhibitors.

In the early-to-mid 20th century, ballet was the art form that connected artists and intellectuals across disciplines, intertwining high-culture, glamour, and working-class aspirations.
Corrie and Nat discuss the Bayeux Tapestry which, spoiler alert: is not even really a tapestry! Listen to this Art History Babe Brief to learn more about this unique depiction of the Norman Conquest and to learn exactly how many animals are on the embroidered cloth.
Conspiracy theorists are citing Georgia O’Keeffe as an example of the so-called Mandela Effect.
Featuring 72 selected exhibitors from its 180 gallery members in 30 American cities, the annual fair is one of the most anticipated events of the new art season.
In New York on March 5, Sotheby’s will offer Georgia O'Keeffe's diminutive painting, estimated at $300,000-500,000, alongside more than one hundred works of art and personal effects from the collection of artist Juan Hamilton.