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Van Gogh peers out of the canvas with a sidelong, suspicious glance. With hollowed cheeks and a full beard, the painter is recognizable but also doesn’t look as composed and self-possessed as in his numerous other self-portraits. The painting’s surface is rough, with thick brushstrokes that are ragged and aggressive, less precise and controlled than in Van Gogh’s other works.

Storyworld, a new Dutch museum for comics, animation and games, opened its doors on January 11 with the aim to embody the crumbling division between fine art and visual storytelling.
Over the centuries, Chinese artists have created a variety of objects based on or embellished by the twelve animals: mirrors, jade and terracotta statuettes, vases, and paintings.

The immensely popular official portraits of Barack and Michelle Obama are hitting the road next year, and may be coming to a city near you. The National Portrait Gallery has announced a five-city tour that will bring the famed paintings to new museums and new audiences.

A work from a titan of American self-taught art could set a new auction record for the artist.
Hoshine offers glimpses into his fragmented reality through slightly surrealist forms, gestures, and references to everyday life.
A 1997 theft left the Galleria Ricci-Oddi in Piacenza, Italy searching for answers.
For an emperor whose legacy was condemned after his death, Nero is surprisingly present in Rome today, especially now that his two palaces are again open to the public.
Guggenheim Award-winning artist JoAnne Carson’s fantastical imaginings teeter somewhere between the perils of temptation envisioned in the otherworldly painted gardens of Hieronymus Bosch and the lush but benign beauty of Monet’s Giverny.
If you look closely at any hand-drawn animated feature, you’ll notice the backgrounds are beautifully painted while the characters are flat. Animators for Klaus saw this as an opportunity for improvement.