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For an emperor whose legacy was condemned after his death, Nero is surprisingly present in Rome today, especially now that his two palaces are again open to the public.
Guggenheim Award-winning artist JoAnne Carson’s fantastical imaginings teeter somewhere between the perils of temptation envisioned in the otherworldly painted gardens of Hieronymus Bosch and the lush but benign beauty of Monet’s Giverny.
If you look closely at any hand-drawn animated feature, you’ll notice the backgrounds are beautifully painted while the characters are flat. Animators for Klaus saw this as an opportunity for improvement.
As hype builds for the July festivities, we’re getting a preview of the spirit of the games through twenty artist-created posters now on display at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo.
A work from a titan of American self-taught art could set a new auction record for the artist.
To mark the 150th anniversary of The Met’s incorporation, directors have planned a wide range of activities and events over the next several months, including an immersive exhibit about the museum’s history, the reopening of its British Galleries after a $22 million renovation, and the display of works given to the museum in honor of its anniversary.
The Coors show rounds up the best Western contemporary realists, exhibiting their art in galleries in what is essentially a gigantic Quonset hut also sheltering livestock and vendors.
Coming soon from Art & Object: The Art Buzz podcast! Art Buzz is your VIP pass to the art world.
Unique in the art fair world, San Francisco’s FOG Design+Art January art fair offers an unprecedented opportunity to experience cutting edge modern art and design from all over the world.
Iran is home to twenty-two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, places that have been designated as important to the history of humankind.