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This week, visitors to the Vatican in Rome have the rare opportunity to see some of Raphael's greatest and most delicate works: the tapestries he designed for the Sistine Chapel.
Here are 10 artists whose work transcends a momentary Valentine’s Day infatuation to become celebrated odes to love.
One of the greatest thefts in art history is set to grace the big screen soon.
One of the most prolific and talented American potters of the 19th Century defied expectations to leave his mark on history.
“I have never been in a city that gave me the same sense of freedom as Venice,” Peggy Guggenheim wrote, “Venice is not only the city of freedom and fantasy but it is the city of pleasure and happiness.”
Through the written accounts of survivors and black and white photographs and films we can begin to fathom the depravity of the concentration camps. A new exhibition is adding another voice to those accounts.
Pregnancy is a common experience of women that is rarely seen in historic portraiture.
Long before inclusivity was a crucial lens through which we viewed everything from history to public spaces, one prominent American artist set out to correct the record all on his own.
Corrie & Nat discuss Robert Smithson's 1970 work of land art, Spiral Jetty. AKA Corrie gets weepy about a bunch of rocks in Utah. Plus a chat about the Met Gala. Originally Released May 17th, 2018
Modern art in Los Angeles dates to the late 1950s and the Ferus Gallery, home to a who’s who of the era including Ken Price, John Altoon, Craig Kauffman, Larry Bell and Billy Al Bengston among others.