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Celebrity chef and bestselling author Anthony Bourdain, who died last year at the age of 61, had—we’ll just say it—great taste. His personal belongings are being offered in an online auction running through October 30, and they are, singularly and collectively, spectacular.
One of England’s greatest painters is to become the country's first-ever fine artist immortalized on a banknote.
For the past thirty years, master printmaker Sarah Amos has bounced back and forth between Australia and Vermont, an unlikely melding of vastly different environments.
A beautiful new volume from Phaidon gives us a rare glimpse at life inside North Korea.
When historian and journalist Eve Kahn encountered a trove of letters from artist Mary Rogers Williams in 2012, there were scarce references to the late painter online, and her work had barely been exhibited over the past decades.
Native American artifacts that were taken nearly 130 years ago are finally set to be returned to their sacred lands.
Based in Amsterdam, the artist collective Studio Drift defies labels while pushing the boundaries of technology to realize their meditative ideas based on natural forms.
Vasilis Zografos' pale, warm, clay-colored objects from some ill-defined cultural past seem to be suspended on softly muted blue-grey-green backgrounds, reinforcing the idea that these objects are untethered from their original use and meaning.
Yesterday in London the much-anticipated sale of Banksy's 2009 Devolved Parliament set a remarkable new record for the artist at auction.
While he’s best known as two-time Oscar-nominated director for such lauded films as Good Will Hunting and Milk, Gus Van Sant began his creative life as an art student at Rhode Island School of Design before switching majors to film.