April 2021 Blog Posts

Alexander Calder reimagined sculpture as an experiment in space and motion, upending centuries-old notions that sculpture should be static, grounded, and dense by making artworks that often move freely and interact with their surroundings. “One of Calder’s objects is like the sea,” wrote the philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre, “always beginning over again, always new.” Bringing together early wire and wood figures, works on paper, jewelry, mobiles in motion, and monumental abstract sculptures, the exhibition takes a deep dive into the full breadth of Calder’s career and inventiveness.

In many cultures, green is the color of rebirth and prosperity, a harbinger of life and spring. However, placed within the context of the nineteenth century, green begins to represent the dualities of inspiration and melancholia, health and sickness, and life and death.
Curated by Indira Cesarine, the exhibition will feature textile and fiber-based artworks by 40 contemporary artists.
Sotheby’s April 18 Hong Kong sale, ICONS: Masterpieces from across time and space, features—as the name implies—a vast array of items chosen for their ability to inspire and delight viewers. 
A public-private partnership between the Riverside Art Museum, the City of Riverside, and comedian Cheech Marin—one of the world’s foremost collectors of Chicano art—this will be, as Cheech says, the “center of Chicano art, not only painting, but sculpture, photography, and video arts.”

This 2011 masterpiece by Amy Sherald is a dazzling example of her ability to tell deeply personal stores using her superior portrait painting technique. Sherald's work 'It Made Sense...Mostly In Her Mind,' has the viewer locking eyes with a figure who seems rightfully determined despite the humorous nature of her appearance, as she strives to be recognized within a sport dominated by people unlike herself.

Corey Helford Gallery is proud to announce two solo shows featuring new works from Redd Walitzki, entitled The Days of Miracle and Wonder and Bao Pham, entitled Summer Hues.

Scientists lead the way in repairing the cathedral, while discovering historical insights along the way...

Born in a coastal area of Southwestern Japan in 1969, Izumi Kato creates surreal, haunting figures, which he renders in paint with his hands and sculpts out of wood, stone, and vinyl.
Global sensation, Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience, is now showing to the public at AREA15, a dynamic, new art, events, and entertainment district located minutes from the Las Vegas Strip.