September 2019

Discover the fascinating story behind the only skyscraper designed by Frank Loyd Wright. From the stairway handrails to the parking garage to the furniture inside, Wright left his trademark style all over the building.
This September, Gallery Henoch is pleased to present The Female Eye, a group exhibition of 11 contemporary female realist painters investigating their present-day truths as womens’ issues continue to forge to the forefront of modern concern.
Far from facing extinction, there is a resurgent interest in books made by artists as well as publishers specializing in books about art.
The J. Paul Getty Trust will embark on an unprecedented and ambitious $100-million, decade-long global initiative to promote a greater understanding of the world’s cultural heritage and its universal value to society, including far-reaching education, research, and conservation efforts.
Eve Arnold was a woman in a profession dominated by men. She strongly opposed the label of “woman photographer” because she simply wanted to be recognized as a photographer who happened to be a woman.
To ready Paula Modersohn-Becker's "Self Portrait" (1907) for MoMA's reopening in October, conservator Diana Hartman tackles the question of how to repair holes in the painting’s canvas.
This October, Sotheby’s Frieze Week sale of Contemporary Art will be underscored by twelve generously donated works from leading contemporary artists and galleries, each of which will be sold for the benefit of a new national charity, the Aortic Centre Trust.
Female artists are taking over the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (MFA) in a new exhibition addressing the pernicious problem of underrepresentation in art museums.
Included in this premier presentation are superb examples by Art Green, Gladys Nilsson, Jim Nutt, Ed Paschke and Karl Wirsum.
Narrated by Academy Award nominee Glenn Close, this short film includes new footage of the original settings of the artist’s works in Florence, Pistoia, and Venice.