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With some pieces of view having never been seen outside of Malaysia, "Inspired by the East: How the Islamic World Influenced Western Art" is a relatively small exhibition with a large goal.
Banksy surprised residents of Birmingham this week with the kind of Christmas card only he could send—a touching new piece of street art.
Luces y Sombras means Lights and Shadows, a fitting title for an extraordinary show of 45 black and white photographs of 20th century Mexico.
Researchers are refuting a 2018 theory that one thing that gave Leonardo da Vinci an artistic advantage was exotropia, a rare condition that results in a slight misalignment of the eye.
Any Grateful Dead fan will attest to Jerry Garcia’s power as a musician, but the legendary guitarist and singer was also an accomplished visual artist, a fact known only to a small group of devoted Deadheads.
When so much of contemporary art feels like an assault on our senses reflecting the political, cultural, environmental, and psychologically fraught moment we find ourselves in, a new exhibition offers a respite.
A new exhibition is not only to shedding light on a lesser-known aspect of Japanese culture, female warriors, but is also pushing to include in the definition of “warrior” women beyond the military environment.
The Baltimore Museum of Art (BMA) has announced a radical new plan to make their museum and its collection more inclusive. As part of their 2020 Vision strategic plan, the museum will only purchase and exhibit works by women artists for all of 2020.
This fall one of the world’s greatest cultural treasures has been under siege. Venice, often called the Floating City, has been submerged in nearly six feet of water.
Drawing from its extensive archive—nearly 9,000 works from 850 international photographers—the MOPA is exploring the history and development of photography in the past hundred years with The Stories They Tell.